How to Get 1K Subscriber & 4K Hours View Quickly in YouTube

1K Subscriber & 4K Watch Hours

You have many way to earn money from online. Among them Youtube is the most popular platform. To earn from Youtube you need a Youtube channel. Then, you need to upload content on Youtube regularly. If your channel fulfill channel monetization requirement then you can start showing ads on your channel. Every time an ad gets view or click from your channel you earn money.

You can earn huge money from Youtube. According to Forbes magazine and Statista Top Earning youtuber of 2020 is Ryan Kaji. Who earned Almost 29.5 Million U.S. Dollars. Here is a list of 10 Top Earning Youtube channels from June 2019 to June 2020.

How to Get 1K Subscriber & 4K Hours View Quickly in YouTube

However you are not famous like them. You are a starter. And starting of anything is the hardest step ever. Here I will discuss how you can overcome this hardest step. If you read this post completely then I hope you can start earning after 1 month of your starting. So read the full post with full concentration.

Youtube Monetization Requirements

Every channel on youtube does not show ads. To show ads on your youtube channel you need to fulfill youtube monetization requirement. Before showing ads on your channel your channel must achieve these requirements.

  • 1K Subscriber: To apply for adsense on your channel you need at least 1,000 subscriber. If you have less than 1K subscriber you will not be able to apply for youtube monetization. Although your channel have a lot of video views without 1K subscriber you are not eligible for showing ads on your channel.
  • 4K Hours View: You need to have 4K hours video video views in past 1 year. If you have less than 4K hours video view you cannot apply for adsense. Mind it this is watch time not the number of views. Normally a video with 20 minutes length have 3-4 minutes average view. So if you want to make 1 hour view from a 20 minutes video you need approximately 20 video views. And these watch time must be from past 1 year.
  • Copyright Free Content: You can apply for adsense without achieving this but your channel will be rejected. So, to earn from youtube you must have unique content on your channel. If any content that is copied from youtube or other source is in your youtube channel your channel is not eligible to show ads. Moreover if you copy other people’s content they can take action to the video.

Actions in Copyright Infringement

When you violate the youtube copyright policy the youtube community don’t take any action. They just show you that, this video has a copyright infringement. Along with that, they send a notification to the person who is the registered owner of the content. After reviewing your content the copyright owner can take three types of actions. Notable, whatever the copyright owner do or not if you have any video with copyright infringement your channel will be rejected from monetization. Three types of actions by copyright owner are:

  • Do Nothing: Mostly copyright owners do this if the content is too old and it is no more profitable. Or your video is not getting much views. In several cases, they check your video description. If they find enough credit they probably do nothing.
  • Copyright Claim: In this case the copyright owner establish their right on the video. And let youtube know that they are the owner. As a result, the video shows ads and the revenue from the video goes to the owners account. If you copy a video and credit owner properly then 90% case they claim copyright and let you continue.
  • Copyright Strike: If you copy somebody’s content and don’t credit them properly then they block the video. If the owner don’t want to widely spread the video they also block them. If the owners want to control the video themselves or they aren’t happy to you then they block the content. Normally a channel can have at most two block or copyright strike. If your channel get three copyright strike then your channel will be closed. A copyright strike is automatically withdrawn after 90 days.

Startup a YouTube Channel

Although youtube wants much requirements to start earning easily you need to startup with youtube. First of all you need to create a youtube channel. To get views and subscribe upload quality contents to your channel. For a standard channel you should upload unique content. Share your content with your social network. Increase your view and subscribers.

How to Get 1K Subscribers

There is many ways to get your first 1K subscriber. First of all, you need to hide your subscribe count as long as it is not more than 1K. I think you will not subscribe a channel with 5 subscriber. Your first 1K subscriber is too much important because nobody want to subscribe a channel what is not popular enough. Moreover at starting you don’t have enough video views to get subscribed. In this condition you can follow one of the methods listed below:

Buy Subscribers

Now-a-days you will find many community who subscribes with payment. You can search for such a community from Facebook or Twitter. You can also post a job in Freelancer, Upwork or Fiverr. Except them there is many websites which sell subscriptions. You can also buy subscriber from internet. You can also use give and take policy. There are some groups on social media where people subscribe channels each other. If you want to invest on your youtube channel and get 1K subscriber instantly then this method is for you.

Make Funny or Popular Content

Whatever your working domain is if you upload popular content like funny videos then you can grow your subscribers and view almost 1200 times faster. Sometimes, it is hard to make funny or similar content for a professional guy. In this case you can buy videos. You can find funny videos at very cheap rate. Funny videos are healthy for youtube channels because if you share a funny video everybody will see it. Moreover most of them subscribes for next funs.

Edit Video and Upload

If you don’t want to invest then this method is for you. For this method you need to know a great video editing skill. You collect funny or attractive scenes from popular movies or videos then combine them to make a unique funny video. In this you should choose content from multiple video. Because if you choose consequent scenes of a video youtube detect them as copyright infringements.

Upload from Old Collection

Some of the old topics are still popular but youtube doesn’t have a high quality video for them. For example consider a song from 1980. The video is low quality, black and white but still popular. These videos are too old that they are not licensed to youtube some case. Some case the owner is no more expect revenue from the video. In this case you can remake the video. Such as you are remaking a song. You can make it Lyrical or make Karaoke from the song or cover it’s video by slideshow or video recording.

Whatever you do as the video is copied specify the credit of owner clearly. So that, they don’t block your video. If they claim copyright that is not harmful to your channel. Your expectation is getting subscriber, you are getting. That is all.

How to Get 4K Watch Hours

Getting watch time is a bitter hard than getting subscriber. 1K Subscriber can be earned easily but getting 4K watch hours is not that easy. If you don’t by subscriber your video views should grow with subscriber changes. When subscriber crosses 1K number of watch hours are almost 4K. But your channel don’t have standard content. For example, you want to build a educational channel but your channel is full of funny content.

In this case, you should remove your previous contents. But, if you remove your previous contents your watch hours will drop to bottom. If your channel is empty then your watch hours will be 0 again. So never delete all videos at a time. Upload your quality content to the channel and keep old contents also. If any content is not fit to your channel topic you can delete that specific one or hide that. Now you have multiple way to fulfill your watch time requirements.

Buy Watch Time

There are many group on social media where marketers sell youtube views. There are many websites where you can buy youtube views. Moreover you can post on freelance job site to get views from freelancer. Hope you can buy your expected traffic with very less money.

Upload Quality Content

When anyone views your video the video should attract him. Make such video that you didn’t reach to much people but people watch your content further. That means, he who see your video loves your video. If you can make this type of content then people will get interest to your channel. And number of returning visitor will increase. So your views will increase. If you have quality content subscribers who will get notification will open the video and view. And you will reach to your destination quickly.

Share on Social Media

For a new channel there is no substitution of sharing. You can increase your views upto 10,000% by sharing them on social media. If you have quality content and you share them on right place then you can expect your views will increase like booming. Not only as post you can also share as comments also. As a professional youtuber at least 40% of your trafic should come from social networks.

Increase SEO Traffic

Imagine, you have made a good video and you posted it on youtube with no description, no tag and the video title is, “Hi, a good video”. What do you expect? If you have no information on your video then your video will not appear in search at all. If your video is not appeared in search result your views will not increase. So to get more video views you need a good video title, a meaningful description and all related keyword as tag. You will find some SEO tools online. To start with efficiency you can use them.

Youtube Channel Monetization

When you will get 1K subscriber and you have 4K watch hours in past 1 year you are eligible to apply for youtube monetization. You can see your eligibility in monetization tab at youtube studio. To monetize your youtube channel:

  • Click on your channel icon from top-right corner
  • Go to Youtube Studio
  • Click on Monetization tab from left menu
  • If you fulfil the requirements you will see APPLY button
  • Click on the APPLY button
  • Youtube will ask you to connect with adsense
  • If you have adsense account just connect
  • If you don’t have adsense account create account and connect
  • You are done. Now wait for youtube approval.

Start Your First Earning with Youtube

If youtube accept your monetization application then you are success. You are ready to earn from youtube. Now customize your ad formats and ad topics. Upload more content to get more views. If you have enough traffic and CPC and CPM area then your earning will increase shortly. After you reach a minimum threshold of 100 U.S. dollars you can request for withdrawing.

Happy Youtubing!

If you find this post helpful please let me know in comment. Share to your friends. Thanks.

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