How to Make Custom Youtube Channel URL [Explained]

How to Make Custom Youtube Channel URL [Explained]

You can easily create a custom url for your youtube channel from your youtube channel. If you have 100 Subscribers and if you run over 30 Days.

Youtube Custom URL is required for any professional youtube channel. As your channel becomes popular you need an easy to remember channel url so that people can easily access to your channel. Human brain is not interested to remember a key url like:

But you can easily remember this url:

Fortunately these two url redirect to same youtube channel. If you know the channel name then you can easily remember the below url. Or you can format it using channel name. For a popular brand or popular website you need a custom url. Which will provide your users good experience. Youtube Custom URL is necessary for each youtube channel. So, if you are eligible for custom url then acquire it.

Requirements to Get YouTube Custom URL

To create a custom url for your youtube channel your channel needs to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Have 100 or more subscribers. Before accessing a custom url you need to have 100+ subscribers.
  2. At least 30 days old. You cannot create a custom url for your channel as long as it is not 1 month old.
  3. Profile picture uploaded. You can upload a profile picture for your channel immediately after creating a channel. So upload it.
  4. Banner image uploaded. You can also upload banner when your channel have been created. So hurry up to upload your banner.

Why I Need Youtube Custom URL?

You need to have a custom url for your channel for various reasons. Here are some:

  • Brand Promotion: To promote your brand you need to create all associated product with your brand by name of your brand. Because in every social media you have to have same name. If you have different name in different social media for your brand then users will be confused what is it.
  • Easy to Remember: A custom channel url is easy to remember. A channel which have a custom url gets more direct traffic than a channel without custom url. Because people cannot remember your default url.
  • SEO Friendly: A Custom Channel URL is more SEO friendly. A channel which have a custom url is likely to get 400% traffics in youtube search. Youtube Custom URL makes your channel easier to understand to youtube search engine.
  • Common URL: If you want to have same url in all of your social media then you need to have a custom url. Because you cannot make default url same to another social media. It works as your user name.

How to Create An Amazing Channel URL?

You can create your channel url using any name or words you want. Matter is only whether it is available or not. If the url is not available that means someone created a channel with the same url, you should choose a new one. Sometimes it is confusing to select what should be my youtube custom url. Because it is not important to just create a custom url. But your custom url should represent your channel content or brand. It should be easy to spell. To choose an amazing channel url you should remember the below points:

  1. Channel Name: What is your channel name. You can put the same name as your custom url without space. You can use hyphen instead of spaces but it is not recommended. You can keep all the case in name same to same or you can create with all in small case letters. You can add numbers if required. You can also add accents to channel url.
  2. YouTube User Name: This is what you have used in google to create your youtube channel. You can use your username as youtube custom url.
  3. Based on Content: You can create a custom url for your youtube channel based on your content. If you have mathematics related content in your channel then you can select a name similar to Mathelogger.
  4. Linked Website Name: If your channel have a website you can use the address of the website as your youtube custom url. This will increase your website traffic also.

How to Get A Custom Channel URL?

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left Menu, select Customization.
  3. Go to Basic Info tab.
  4. Under Channel URL, click Set a Custom URL for Your Channel
  5. Modify Your Custom URL to make unique.
  6. Click PUBLISH, You are all done.

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