0x80070490 Error Code – We Couldn’t Find Your Settings – Fix Now

What is 0x80070490 Error?

0x80070490 error code means a setting error of windows mail box. When someone try to add his mail address to windows mail the mail app shows 0x80070490 error.

A text is appeared just after the error code what is “we couldn’t find your setting”. That means windows mail failed to get the mail reader setting.

Actually this is not a fault of Gmail or the Email service you are trying to add in windows mail. Also not a fault of your mail app.

Why 0x80070490 Error Occurs?

Windows and Google are different product. So, they cannot connect directly when you tell. They have to ensure your security. This error means you need an action in your setting.

Windows may have a link with google on your pc but still windows is a third-party to Google. So, you need to permit windows to open emails from Google’s Gmail.

As long as you don’t permit your windows to manage your emails windows mail will show this problem. So, to connect your gmail account with windows mail follow the instruction below.

How to Fix 0x80070490 Error?

This problem have very easy solution. Work as my instruction and boom!

  1. Go to Setting: From your start menu click on the windows button. Then click on setting option.
  2. Go to Apps Section: In your setting page you will see a section named “Apps”. Click on this section.
  3. Navigate to Default Apps Tab: From the sidebar of your apps page click on “Default Apps” tab.
  4. Choose Default Mail App: In Email section choose the default app for email. An error occurs when your mail app default is set to chrome or a web browser.
  5. Select Windows Mail as Default App: To receive your email in windows mail box you need to do this. And this is the most important thing to fix 0x80070490 error.
  6. Restart Your Mail App: After setting your default app restart your mail app. If your mail app is opened then close and reopen it.
  7. Set Your Gmail Account: Set your gmail account as you added before from the manage account section. This may take upto one hour depending on your email storage and internet speed. Because, in this time windows sync all your email, contact and calendars.

So, just wait with patience and you are all done!