Can I Create 2 Youtube Channels with One Gmail Account? How?

Can I Create 2 Youtube Channels with One Gmail Account? How?

Yes. You can create 2 or more YouTube Channels with one Gmail Account. You just need to use the brand account feature of youtube.

Youtube is becoming popular day by day. For various reasons you need to create multiple youtube channel. Now-a-days you have to have a youtube channel for each of your business, website, institute etc. If you see some case study you will find that most of the businesses and websites in the world have a youtube channel. For example here is the youtube channel for Facebook. As being a google product to create a channel in youtube is a bit easy. If you have a Gmail Account you can create a channel with just one click. Somehow, creating multiple youtube channel is a bit tricky.

You can easily create multiple channel with multiple gmail account. But nobody have more than one professional gmail account. So if you create multiple channel with multiple gmail account then you have to face many problems. Whenever you will try to get access any of your youtube channel you need to logout from other gmail account and you cannot access google contents associated to other gmail accounts. To solve this problem you need to create all of your youtube channels with same gmail account. Here I will discuss step by step process to create multiple youtube channel with single gmail account.

Can I Create Multiple YouTube Channel with One Gmail Account?

Yes. You can create multiple youtube channel with single gmail account. Google doesn’t prohibit to create multiple youtube channel with a single gmail account. Because it is a bitter profitable for google. You can have all of your accounts at same place. So google don’t need to reserve different spaces for your video. Rather they can store all of your videos at same place just noted the channel name. This decrease server load and save spaces. You may think this is not that much for google. But do you think 1 byte saved for 1M saves 1M bytes. So, google welcomed you to have multiple youtube channel.

How Much YouTube Channels Can I Have with One Gmail Account?

Unlimited. Till today google didn’t limited the number of youtube channels you can have with one gmail account. You can create as much as youtube channel you want with one gmail account. But you should not create too much youtube channel. That will minimize your business value. For example, if you have 100 Youtube channels and each have 10K Subscribers then it is too bad. Rather you have 1 or 2 youtube channels each having 1M subscriber. Youtube has some feature buttons (Silver, Gold etc.) to award the top users. So to be a top you shouldn’t create too much channels but you need to create too much content. Create Multiple Youtube Channels as you require, not more.

When I Need Multiple YouTube Channels

In all cases you don’t need to have multiple youtube channel. For example you are a music company. You produce single songs, duel songs and group song. As there are three song types you may think you need three youtube channel. But you are wrong, in this case it is better to have a single youtube channel for all of these contents.

In some cases it is required to have multiple channels. If you have multiple types of content in single channel that looks like trash. For example you are a retired policeman and you have a garden at your home. Now you working as a blogger. You have a youtube channel where you upload videos about blogging. Sometimes you upload some memories from your job life. Sometimes you upload a video from your garden. But that doesn’t look like professional. As the topics are different there should have 3 Youtube channels. If not then must have two channels. One for Blog and another for personal interests.

Some logical reasons to have multiple youtube channels:

  • Brand Promotion: If you own two company then you need two youtube channels. Similarly you cannot upload videos for two blog to a single youtube channel. Think that, Facebook and Instagram is from same owner. But if there were a single youtube channel for both that would be like a mad.
  • Less Content Types: If you have multiple youtube channels for multiple topics then each channel have a single topic. I can easily back to your channel for necessary things. For example, Mathelogger is a channel related to Mathematics. I will not search there cooking video. 5 Minute Crafts is a craft art channel. I will not search there tutorial. So, If you multiple channel for multiple topic then user can easily remember your channel content.
  • Different Goals: If you want to be a singer and poet both then you should have different youtube channel. But you you want to be a singer then you can have your recitations and songs at same channel. It depends on your goal whether you should have multiple youtube channels or not.
  • Large Audience: Channels that have large audience gets more view. So if your content topic is not different you should stay on same channel. But if your content is different make multiple youtube channel. Your large audience will help your new channel promoting.

What is Required to Create Multiple YouTube Channel

You asking for creating multiple youtube channel means you have already one youtube channel. So, you know what is required to create a youtube channel. Somehow, the second channel differ from your first channel. So second channel has some requirement. To create multiple youtube channel all you need is:

  • A Gmail Account
  • A Brand Account

What Is Brand Account?

A Brand Account is an account that is specifically for your brand. This account is different from your personal Google Account. If a channel is linked to a Brand Account, multiple people can manage it from their own Google Accounts. You don’t need a separate username or password to manage YouTube channels with a Brand Account. Brand Account is a way to sharing youtube channel. It is also a way to manage multiple youtube channel at a time.

Why Brand Account is Required?

You need a brand account if you feel any of the requirements bellow:

  • Name Conversion: If you want to use a different name on YouTube than your Google Account then you can have a brand account. For example ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ wants to create a youtube channel for his business ‘Facebook’. As his brand name is different from his name he needs a brand account.
  • Channel Sharing: You want to have a share of your youtube channel with someone, in this case you need a brand account. Because you are not going to share your google account with someone.
  • Hide Information: If you want to hide your name, email and other information from your visitors then you need a brand account. Because there is nothing linked between your Google Account and Brand Account for public.
  • Multiple Channel: If you need multiple youtube channels you can easily create using brand accounts. You can create as much brand account you want.

Why Brand Account is Called Brand Account?

Brand Account is called Brand Account because it represents your brand. Brand Account prioritize your brand rather than your gmail or your name. And for this reason, a brand account allow you to add as many person to manage the channel. It never represent your personal information. It doesn’t publish your gmail id. It only holds the name of your brand. It shows the content about your brand. It is managed by team of your brand. It’s viewers are the user of your brand. Everything related to your brand account is related to your brand or goal. So it is called Brand Account.

How to Create Brand Account

Step 1: Go to Channel Switcher.

Step 2: Click Create a new channel.

Step 3: Fill Your Brand Account Name.

Step 4: Select the Term & Policy Box.

Step 5: Click Create Button.

Your Brand Account has Successfully Created!

A Brand Account is necessary for many reasons. Otherwise managing youtube channel you can manage google photos, youtube comments, youtube subscribers, anything as like Google Account. So, Feel Good!

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