How to Add Popup Subscription Form in Blogger

Blogger doesn’t have a direct subscription system. It needs helps from another third party system for subscription. By default Blogger uses RSS feed subscription which is a very poor system. RSS is an XML feed and it has very lite user interface. So, we need to implement any other form for user subscription. For this job Mailchimp is a well known, popular and trusted implementer. You can implement mailchimp popup subscription form in any types of your website very easily. Here I will show how to add mailchimp subscription form to your website.

How to Add Popup Form in Blogger

To add a popup subscription form in blogger you need to follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Mailchimp Website. If you have a mailchimp account that is well. If you don’t have a mailchimp account then create a account. After creating account you need to confirm your account from your email address. Then you can enter to mailchimp dashboard. There you will be asked for mobile no confirmation and to set a security question. However you can skip these.
  2. Create a Mailchimp Inbox. You will see a create button at top of the mailchimp website. It is shown with a pen icon. You can create an inbox by clicking on this button. Or you can see a tab named Audience just after Create tab. Click on this. After Clicking Audience you will see an option named Inbox at the bottom. Click on this option. Provide a name to your inbox and create it.
  3. Then in your Audience Tab you can see an option “Signup Forms”. Click on this. You will see several types of forms. Select what type of form you want to create. In this case we will create a popup form. So, click on “Subscriber Popup”. A form preview will be opened. Edit the form as your requirement. You can add your logo or banner there. If you use a free plan a watermark will be appeared at bottom of the form.
  4. After completing you form design see that there is a linking option above your form. Which is showing “Your form is not connected to any of your site”. You will see an edit or add option there. Click on this. If you have website connected to mailchimp you will se them here. If you have not any connected website you will see add website option. To add a website you need to put a meta tag or HTML file on your website.
  5. After adding your website go back to your form again. Connect it to the form. If your site is connected you can see a preview from mailchimp. Or you can visit your website to check the form. It may take upto one hour to configure your form with your website.

Hope you are doing well. Please comment if you face any problem.