Why Surrogacy is Needed?

Why Surrogacy is Needed

Surrogacy is needed for many reasons. Some are given below:

  1. To keep fit the mothers body. In some cases women need to keep her body fit. But pregnancy may destroy her body figure. So, they choose surrogacy instead of pregnancy. For example, actresses are highly interested in surrogacy than other women.
  2. If the mother is too weak to bear a child. Some women are not strong enough to bear a child in her belly. There are a lots of woman who is underweight.
  3. If the mother have some serious disease. Women occasionally don’t want to bear a child if she have some serious disease. They are afraid of their child to be affected.
  4. If the mother cannot have opportunity to cover pregnancy period. Some woman don’t have a opportunity to implant sperm and eggs in her body. For various reasons they are unable to do this job. So, they needs to use surrogacy process.
  5. Mother cannot manage time for the pregnancy period. Women in certain profession like air crew, actress, businessman hardly have that huge time which is required for pregnancy. So, they choose surrogacy instead.
  6. If parents don’t want to go through the hassle of pregnancy. Pregnancy period lasts for almost 10 months. Which is a very long time. Many parents thinks this time as a wastage. So, they try to find the alternative solutions.
  7. To keep the child strong and secure. Many women remain busy in various works. They have different types of pressures. Some may go through a hard physical work. In this case the child maybe harmed. So, surrogacy is chosen as an alternative there.
  8. To implant the eggs with a professional woman. Some women are afraid of implant the eggs. They always fear what if the child is not born as a normal kid. If something wrong happens to the child. So, they choose surrogacy mostly.
  9. When gay or lesbian wants to have child. As implantation is not possible without opposite gender so, gay or lesbian don’t have a chance to born a child. In this case they must use their sperm in other opposite gender sperm to implant which is normally done as surrogacy.