Merge Two Partition of Your Hard Drive in Windows 10 without Any Software

Merge Two Partition of Hard Drive without Software

Why Do We Need to Re-Partitioning Drives?

Sometimes we need to merge two drive or increase any drive size.For example, you have 40GB storage in your C Drive. Which is not enough for high end software. So, if you want to install much software you need to increase C Drive size. Because overload in C Drive may crash your operating system, hard drive, RAM or any other hardware. So, never try to overload in C drive. If you need space then increase the drive size.Sometimes we need to reduce our drive size. Let’s consider C Drive have 200GB storage. As C drive is for boot options and any restart may be needed anytime so keeping data in this drive is not safe. So, you need to keep your data at other drive. Then 200GB is huge space for your operating system and software. So you may need some space to separate for better use.In this tutorial you will learn to remove space from a drive, how to delete a drive and to add space to another drive. That means transferring storage from one partition to another.

How to Access Disk Management System?

Fist of all you need to access your hard drive manager in your computer. Follow the steps below to find your disk management system.

  1. Click on Windows Button.
  2. Search for Control Panel. Open your control panel.
  3. Click on System and Security. It will appear at first of the list.
  4. Under Administrative Tools you will see a option “Create and format hard disk partitions”. Click on this link.
  5. A small window named disk management will be opened.

Now you are in disk management system. You can create, delete, merge or format your drive partitions.

How to Make Free Space From A Larger Drive?

To make some space free or to remove some free space from a partition you need to have free space in your drive. If Firstly decide to which drive do you want to add the free space. The free space can be added either to previous disk or to next disk. Here are the steps:

  1. Right click on the disk.
  2. Click on Shrink Volume from the menu.
  3. Fill how much space do you want to make free. It should not be more than free space in that drive. That will cause huge data loss maybe crash of that device. If you need more space you can move data to somewhere other. Or you can format disk to make it free.
  4. Click OK.

Now you will see your free space as unallocated.

How to Delete A Disk Partition?

If you want to merge two drive totally then you need to delete one partition. It is recommended to delete the later partition and then merge it with previous partition. To delete a partition you need to do the following.

  1. Right click on the disk.
  2. Click on Delete Volume from the menu.
  3. Confirm Your Deletion.
  4. Click OK.

If you delete a partition the partition will be shown as free and unassigned space. You can add the space to the previous drive.

How to Merge Two Disk Partition?

You can merge two or more partition to create a larger partition. From windows default disk manager you can merge a free drive to the previous drive. So, you need the unassigned or free space just after the partition which you want to merge with. So, first delete or remove some space from the next drive and keep it just after the drive to be adjusted. You can use EaseUS Partition Master to manage more options. Here are the steps to merge two partition.

  1. Right click on the disk.
  2. Click on Extend Volume from the menu.
  3. Input the amount of the drive you want to adjust with this drive. By default the input value will be the total free space after the drive partition.
  4. Click OK.

Your work will be done in just one minute. If this article is helpful to you please have a comment and share. Thank you.