Can I Earn By Answering in Quora – How to Earn with Quora

Yes. You can earn with quora by answering questions. Quora Space offers a beta program for earning. But condition is you must be with your own Space. Can you think huge number of people is daily answering in quora just to help others. How is this possible. Man never works too much for others for free. So, they wouldn’t have a well described answer everyday for Quora user.

What is Quora Space?

Quora Space is nothing but a page like facebook page. Some admin and moderator posts from behind the screen there. As well as they reply all questions arrived in there space.

A space offer a topic to the user. Such as WordPress is a space in Quora. Another popular spaces are Mathematics, Java, Javascript, PHP, Social Marketing, Digital Marketing, Facebook, Google etc. Every user of Quora can create a space in Quora. A space should have unique name and url. The url of the space is the slug of name followed by domain.

How to Create a Space in Quora?

It is very easy to create a space in Quora. To create a space in Quora you have to follow the steps below.

  • Go to Quora. You can see there a icon named space. The icon is like gathering three people. You can also see an option to create a space just before suggested spaces for you. Click on this.
  • A pop up form will be opened. Here you have to set a unique name for your space. And add a short description about your space. Then click on create. You can do this from mobile, tablet or pc anything.
  • Your space is created. Now you can setup your space according to quora suggestion or as your own.

Quora Beta Affiliate Program

Quora Beta Affiliate Program provide you the opportunity to earn money by activity on quora space. The more your space get engaged the more you earn. This earning is nothing but a share of quora earning by running ads on your space. So, if your space doesn’t have enough visitor to get ads then you will not get any earning. So, to earn you need a large audience in your space. They will ask question in your space, they will reply in your space, they will view ads in your space and they will click ads from your space. The money Quora will earn from your space will get a share of almost 40%.

How to Monetize Quora Space?

To monetize your Quora Space you have to be in one of the supported beta program country. Currently Quora is not sharing monetization opportunity to every country. Major country of the worlds which have higher CPC rates can get Quora Beta Program. If you are from one of them than you are welcome.

Follow the steps below to enable earning from your Quora Space.

  1. Go to Earnings Tab from your Quora space dashboard.
  2. Setup your country. Mind it once you setup your country you cannot change it. Whatever your country have Quora Beta Program or not. If your country have Quora Beta Program then you will see more options.
  3. Setup your choices and get views in your space.

Your earnings will grow as your space gets views. Whenever your earning will reach at 10$ you can request for withdraw with a global payment method. You have to wait to your payment be approved by Quora. Then you will get payment.

Quora is an affiliate platform which provide you to earn by helping others. So, use the opportunity.